Agility Training

Many people love the look and the thought of agility but may think you can only attend if you want to compete, or own a collie. If you are one of these people then Wedgnock Dog Training is the place for you!

We have Kennel Club competition quality equipment, including all contact equipment, weave poles, standard and flat tunnels a tyre jump and a number of jumps with wings. Any breed of dogs are welcome, all that’s needed is a good recall and a reasonable level of fitness in both dog and handler.

An Introduction to Agility training day for up to ten people is a great way to try your hand at this fun activity. We can also offer one-to-one agility training, or cater for small private groups. See our contacts page to arrange a session or just find out more.

The video above is taken during one of our 'puppy gym' classes.

Below are puppies from 10 weeks old, to 16 weeks , learning confidence and proprioception. All good skills for pet dogs, agility dogs and Gundogs. All equipment is set very low, and poles are no more than 3 inches off the ground.

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