We offer a range of training classes from general obedience at puppy, intermediate and advanced level, to agility and specialised gundog training.

We also run a course called "puppy gym" . A video of this can be seen on the Agility page.

Puppy Gym is all about proprioception, this involves the puppies learning about keeping their body in balance, and how to use their back legs correctly. It also teaches them confidence and bonding with the owner. If you don't like the idea of just obedience, but want more fun, this is a great class.

If you would like the support of one-to-one personal attention, perhaps because you think your dog may be disruptive in a class, or just isn't ready, then we can help. Most behavioural problems apart from major aggression can be addressed.

Home visits can be arranged.

Courses are not run all year round 

Please contact us to arrange a session.