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Welcome to the Wedgnock Dog Training Centre
Hartleyjean Golden Retrievers

My name is Sally Richardson. My love for Goldens started in 1999 with the most wonderful dog, Castlemans Classic Fin. He got me started competing in Working Tests and was extremely successful, gaining numerous awards. I then got the bug for Field Trials. Fin did really well, achieving open status, but it was when I got his nephew, Castlemans For Your Eyes Only (Archie), that I started to become quite successful. Archie won a novice trial at 18 months old, his first Open 2 day trial, he was 3rd. He got awards in open every year until his retirement around 7 years old. Fin lived to a good age of 15, Archie I lost at 13 years old.

My third Golden I had alongside Fin and Archie. Birdsgreen Baggins was pretty special. He won a novice trial at 17 months old, then his first 2 day AV open trial, he was 2nd. He also had numerous awards in open, but unfortunately never won. I lost him at 10 years old. My fourth Golden was Castlemans Mkussi (Rowan). He was a slow learner but once his education fell into place, he was fabulous. He won a novice trial at 18 months old, he won a 2 day AV open at 3 years old, then a week later a 2 day Breed Open which made him up to a Field Trial Champion. He was in the winning GB team at Ragley Hall game fair, and the winning team at the prestigious charity test at Windsor.

My fourth Golden  is one of the most special and talented Goldens I've ever seen. Frizelwood Odan of Hartleyjean (Odie) He won a novice trial at 2 years old, the next season he won a Breed 2 day open, then shortly after a 1 day AV open to make him up to a Field Trial Champion, he had just turned 3 years old. He has continued to get awards in open since. He has also been on the winning team at the Windsor test. (Odies list of awards can be seen on Our Dogs page)


My fifth golden is Gatekeeper Boycie Del Hartleyjean (Del) DOB 10/01/16

Del started his trialling career in 1917, and won his first trial on 07/09/2017, the GRC All Aged Trial. He has gone on to gain further awards in All Aged trials with a second at UGS at Ampton on 14/09/2018 and a COM at Dukeries on 25/09/2019. We then lost a season to Covid in 2020 and he had some lameness in 2021 due to a migrating grass seed. He will still only be six years old in 2022, so hopefully will continue then.

Del has produced some super field trial winning puppies, details on the stud dog page. 

My sixth dog is Tullysege Chase The Gold With Hartleyjean (Chase) DOB 30/06/2017

Chase won a novice trial in style, picking a very strong runner in maize at Ampton, on 9/09/2019 at Guildford AV novice trial. We then had a season lost to Covid in 2020, but in 2021 he got a COM in the GRC two day open.

My seventh dog has a special place in my heart, he is Dels son Timmy.

Timothy Plum at Hartleyjean DOB 26/02/2019.

Timmy is a beautiful dog, who is showing a lot of potential. He missed what would have been his first season in 2020 due to Covid, but in 2021 he got his first award, a COM,  (and gained his stud book number) at the GRCS one day open trial at Drummond Park on 6/12/2021. He then went on to win the NGRA novice trial on 14/12/2021. I look forward to running him in open trials in 2022.

I hope you enjoy this site. Please contact me for more information.

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