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Gundog Training

Do you just want to make the most of your dogs retrieving ability or have a well mannered dog that you can shoot over? Or maybe you want to take it all the way and compete in working tests or field trials?

We can help you to achieve this.

My training methods are based on positive reinforcement, we use a clicker and treats for a lot of early training, plus the reward of retrieve toys. Lessons are geared towards creating a situation where your dog can succeed. It is my belief that dogs are  rarely, intentionally defiant, they just don't understand and have made a mistake. I therefore don't correct the dog, I just try to correct the mistake.

We have a ten acre field with hedgerows, fences and a large pond for retrieving from or over water, and the use of fifty acres of woodland.

We also have use of ground 5 minutes away from our site, on the water meadows of the Avon. This ground is quite extensive, and has a lot of rushes and cover in the summer.

We have use of sugar beet for training when leading up to Field Trials.

We have super hill and valley ground near Welshpool for weekend away training, with a very nice B&B nearby.

2018 will be the start of our week long Gundog Holidays in Scotland. This provides us with superb ground for training over 5 days (with a day off on the middle) Luxury accommodation with full catering. 

Ideally, dogs need a desire to retrieve and a reasonable recall.

We specialise in Retrievers only.

I have made up two Field Trial Champion Golden Retrievers, and every dog I've had has had open field trial awards. I am a KC 'B' Panel Retriever Judge.

My husband, Steve, has made up three Field Trial Champion Labradors, and all of his other dogs have won trials. Steve is a KC "A" Panel Retriever Judge. We have a lot of experience and success between us.

You can have one to one tuition, or if you would like to bring a small group, or maybe join another group, I can accommodate your needs. See our contacts page to arrange a session and review our charges.

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