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Our Dogs


FTW Tullysedge Chase The Gold With Hartleyjean 

 (Chase) DOB 30/06/2017

A bit of a comedian!

Chase won a novice trial in style, picking a very strong runner in maize at Ampton, on 9/09/2019 at Guildford AV novice trial. We then had a season lost to Covid in 2020, but in 2021 he got a COM in the GRC two day open.


FTW Timothy Plum at Hartleyjean (Timmy) DOB 26/02/2019.

Timmy is Dels son, and has a special place in my heart, a beautiful dog, who is showing a lot of potential. 

He missed what would have been his first season in 2020 due to Covid, but in 2021 he got his first award, a COM,  (and gained his stud book number) at the GRCS one day open trial at Drummond Park on 6/12/2021. He then went on to win the NGRA novice trial on 14/12/2021. I look forward to running him in open trials in 2022

FTW Gatekeeper Boycie Del Hartleyjean (Del) DOB 10/01/2016

Del is a well driven and stylish dog who will be starting his trialling career this season (2017)
He has a wonderful temperament, he is calm and quiet at heel, but shows speed and determination in his work. I am very excited about this young dogs future.
UPDATE. Del wins his first trial on 08/09/2017. The GRC All Aged trial.’

Field Trial Champion Frizelwood Odan of Hartleyjean (Odie)


Odie is a very stylish, fast dog who is a pleasure to watch and a very handsome boy. He was in the Crufts demo aged 5 months old in 2013. More recent achievements include:

  • 6&7/10/17 3rd and Best Marker Golden Retriever Club 2 Day Open

  • 20/10/17 Best Marker Golden Retriever Club Of Scotland Breed Open

  • 19/10/17 Guns Choice Golden Retriever Club of Scotland AV Open

  • 9&10/10/17 3rd- Northern Golden Retriever Association 2 Day Open

  • 30/11/16 - CoM - North Devon Working Gundog Club 1 Day Open

  • 11/10/16 - 2nd place - Northern Golden Retriever Association 2 Day Open Trial

  • 05/10/17 - CoM - United Gundog Breeders Association 1 Day Open Trial

  • 21/09/16 - 4th place - Barton on Humber GDC 2 Day Open Trial

  • 27/01/16 - 2nd place - Kent, Surrey & Sussex AV 1 Day Open Trial

  • 13/01/16 - 1st place - Yorkshire Golden Retriever Club AV 1 Day Open Trial

  • 08/10/15 - 1st place - The Golden Retriever Club 2 Day Open Trial

  • 09/01/15 - 2nd place - Yorkshire Golden Retriever Club AV Open Trial

  • 06/12/14 - 1st place - Eastern Counties Golden Retriever Club Novice Trial

  • 22/11/14 - 3rd place - South Western Golden Retriever All Aged Trial

  • 10/09/14 - CoM - Golden Retriever Club of Northumbria All Aged Trial

Field Trial Champion Castlemans Mkussi (Rowan)

Born 03/05/10

Rowan is a calmer breed of Golden. As you can see, he is crossed with a bear!! In his first competetive season Rowan achieved three second places and a certificate of merit in all variety novice trials, finishing with a win at the South Western Golden Retriever Club novice trial aged 20 months.

Rowan won the Bristol and West Working Gundog Clubs two day open all variety field trial, qualifying him for the IGL Retriever Championships, aged 3 years old.

Seven days after his Bristol and West win, Rowan went on to win the Northern Golden Retriever Association 2 day open field trial giving him a double qualification for the championships and making him up to a FIELD TRIAL CHAMPION.

FTW Birdsgreen Baggins (Bags)

06/07/06 to 16/02/17

Bags was the most capable gundog I have owned. He showed huge potential from 8 months old. He won an any variety novice trial at 17 months old, then achieved a 2nd in a two day open trial at 2 years old. He had numerous other trial and test awards. He was a very stylish, fast dog (he travelled everywhere at 100mph!) But a little bonkers!

FTW Castlemans Classic Fin (Fin)

12/03/99 to 19/04/14

Finley just made it to aged 15. Fin was my first gundog, and what a dog to start with! He had 33 trial and test awards and competed in veteran tests. He was our best picking up dog! He adored agility and flyball but couldn't quite manage full height! Fin would walk over hot coals for me. No dog I have will ever be as special as him.

FTW Castlemans For Your Eyes Only (Archie)

18/05/01 to 07/09/14

Archie was Fin’s nephew, and the joker of the family! He achieved 24 trial and test awards before competing in veteran. He had a 3rd in his and my first 2 day open field trial, and continued to achieve awards in open every year until his retirement from trials at 7 years old. He remained a joker and made me laugh every day!

Field Trial Champion Levenghyl Sundancer (Piggy)

Born 23/7/06 to 

Piggy qualified for the Retriever Championship in 2009, 2010 and 2011, winning a Diploma of Merit in 2009. He won 5 first places in Open Trials, 10 Open Tests and 2 international team tests at the CLA Game Fair.

Field Trial Champion Birdsgreen Cluedo of Wedgnock (Cluanie)

A natural hunting dog of huge potential.

Cluanie was born on 28th April 2013 and is a superb looking dog, very strong and athletic. 

He won his First Field Trial aged 17 months, and went on to win two Open Trials in 2016, making him up to a Field Trial Champion.

Cluanie went on to qualify for four Retriever Championships in succession in 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019 by winning 5 more Open Field Trials and was  awarded 15 places in Open Field Trials.

In 2018 Cluanie was selected to represent England in the Retriever team and we won both of the International events at the Scottish and English Game Fairs.

In 2019 Cluanie was selected for the winning England Retriever team for the Game Fair.

He is a very soft, friendly dog and easy to train as can be seen from his early wins in competition!

Hips 3/3, Elbows 0, PRA, CNM, SD2, EIC tested and clear eyes. You can read Cluanie's health information on the Kennel Club health test results finder

Field Trial Champion Astraglen Hail (Ash)

23/03/10- 08/08/15

Ash's achievements were remarkable in such a short time. He won 4 Two Day and 1 One Day Open Field Trials, qualifying him for 3 Retriever Championships in succession. He also won the prestigious Kennel Club 2 Day Open Working Test in 2012 along with many other Open Tests. Tragically we lost Ash to lymphoma in 2015. He was a dog in a lifetime and is sorely missed. We are so lucky to have two of his sons, Otto and AJ.

Open Field Trial Winner Sothebys Choice of Wedgnock (Otto)

Otto is by our FTCh Astraglen Hail. He is very fast like his father with loads of drive (in fact I think he’s got two jet engines!). His pedigree is full of Field Trial Champions!

He has a lovely temperament. Athletic, medium size and build, and a nice friendly character. 

Hips 7/7, Elbows 0, PRA, CNM, EIC, SD2 clear. Clear eyes (current). 

Otto won his first test (the prestigious Windsor Charity Test), and he then won his first field! 

He then went on to win his 3rd trial, anAV Open Stake

In 2019 Otto was selected to run in the England Retriever Team at the Skinners World Cup in which we finished in second place and the winning England Gundog team at the Scottish Game fair at Scone 

Astraglen Vardy of Wedgnock (Connor)

Born 27/05/16

Sire FTCh Astraglen Hardy, Dam Int FTCh Astraglen Faith

Connor is a lovely looking dog, very friendly and highly intelligent. Bred by Nigel Carville, in my opinion he has one of the best working pedigrees I've ever seen! He is very closely related to Ash (FTCh Astraglen Hail) and I hope will follow in his footsteps!

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