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The puppy class that I run for young gundogs is all about proprioception


‘Proprioception (or kinesthesia) is the sense through which we perceive the position and movement of our body, including our sense of equilibrium and balance, senses that depend on the notion of force (Jones, 2000).’


Helping young gundogs with their proprioception skills helps them have a better understanding of using their bodies for their future work, with jumping and facing cover etc, with confidence.


The class has nothing to do with agility, puppies are just stepping over poles, going in and out of tyres and tunnels, weaving poles, seesaw. 


One massive benefit from this class is that puppies love it! The desire to remain with their owner far outweighs the desire to be with the other dogs. They learn to settle quietly and patiently when it’s not their turn. Toward the end of a six week course we usually have all puppies off lead walking the course with owners, and never wanting to break to play with others. (With the occasional exceptions!)

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